How to Find Best Vacuum for Staris

While some people live in homes with wall-to wall carpet in every room, others have only hardwood or tile floors.  You’ll likely want a dust warrior that’s best fit for your specific floor type and we’ve taken the time to identify the best vacuum for hardwood floors  and the best overall vacuum cleaner, which is often a more fitting choice for carpeted surfaces.  There are even versatile models out there that work well on all floor types, which are great for those of you with a mixed batch or carpet and hardwood.

Sometimes one vacuum cleaner may not be enough for the whole house, which is why we broke our reviews into categories in case you’re looking for a companion cleaning machine to your normal, everyday dirt magnet.  Some people like to use something smaller and lighter for their stairs and cars, which prompted us to create the page for the best vacuum for stairs at vacuum cleaner talk. Same goes for those individuals with curtains and upholstery who may want a light unit with a long wand that reaches high and far.

It’s equally important to consider the type of dirt and dust that most often accumulates in your house.  If you often have liquid cleanups or heavy pieces of dirt and debris throughout your home then you’ll likely need some type of industrial shop vac.  There are also machines specifically tailored to picking up a pet hair, which pet owners know can provide some of the toughest cleanups out there. 

These frustrated animal lovers need not worry as we’ve devoted an entire page for the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

We’re always listening to our community about their vacuum cleaner needs, so if we’re missing something on our page write to us, and we’ll happily review any vacuum cleaner or cleaning tip out there.  Check out our how to page for any tips on how to use these dust ninjas properly after you take the plunge and purchase one.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Stair Vacuum Cleaner

No two vacuum cleaners are created equally, hence it’s important to consider all of the different factors before making your purchase.  Below are a number of key points to evaluate before deciding on the right vacuum cleaner for you.
  • Cost:  It’s important to have a budget in mind when you begin searching for the right vacuum cleaner, yet it’s also crucial that you stay flexible, as the costs can widely vary depending on the brand and features that you prefer.  Cost isn’t always synonymous with higher performance and quality; however, it is often the case that a more expensive model comes with better performance.  Try to find a balance between your budget and they features that are important for you in order to make the best choice.
  • Cleaning Area:  Small areas only require small vacuum cleaners which means less weight, lower cost and lower energy consumption.  A smaller area could push you toward a cordless model, whereas a larger area may mean that you’ll need a machine with a long cord. Considering the size of your cleaning area beforehand will save you money, time and stress that would come with lugging around a larger vacuum that you don’t necessarily need.
  • High Quality Filters:  When choosing a vacuum cleaner for excess dust pet hair you must make sure that the filter meets the HEPA Standard.  This means that the filter is certified to catch 99.97% of all allergens, which is a crucial aspect of pet hair and dust cleanup.  At the same time, those of you without allergies may spring for a less expensive unit that doesn’t come standard with HEPA filters.
  • Bagged vs. Bagless:  People often ask what type of vacuum is better, and it simply depends on the user’s preference.  A bagged vacuum means cleanup without coming in contact with any dust, but isn’t the greenest solution and comes with the added cost of bags.  Many dust canisters are very easy to detach and empty, yet some do involve reaching in to take out dust and pet hair, which would likely bother those with pet and dust allergies.
  • Vacuum Type:  There are three main vacuum types:  handheld, upright and cylinder.  The type of vacuum that you choose will largely depend on the space and surfaces that you need to clean.  For example, if you just need to clean upholstery and furniture than a handheld vacuum may be sufficient.  In addition, people often choose an upright vacuum cleaner for homes and offices because of their versatility on different surfaces and for their advanced filtration.  Cylinder style vacuum cleaners on the other hand are fun to use and are great for getting into small, hard-to-reach places.
  • Miscellaneous concerns:  These are often important on a case by case basis, but make sure to consider things like height adjustment, accessories, position of the one/off switch and certain luxuries like a retractable cord.  Nearly every model has one very special thing about it, and it’s important for you to find the special feature that matters most to you.


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